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The area of Mani is one of the most historic corners of Greece. According to recent archaeological discoveries, evidence shows that our region has been inhabited ever since the Paleolithic Age. Its history is inextricably linked to the history of Greece, from Homer and through to the Greek Revolution of 1821. In Homer's Iliad, the ancient town of Cardamyle is the first of the "seven well-governed and well-populated cities" that King Agamemnon offers to Achilles as a dowry for wedding one of his daughters.

As well as being hailed as an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Mani is classified by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture as an important place of heritage because of its unique architecture and remarkable geology, and because the land, inhabited since prehistoric times until today, is rich in monuments of all time and the Maniot patrimony rich with key historic events.

The Mani is not limited to archaeological sites. On Mount Taygetos there are beautiful gorges, caves and hiking trails to visit, as well as many traditional villages, with towers and castles. Visitors have the opportunity to experience, during harvest, the production of renowned Messinian products, such as wild honey, olives and the rich olive oil of the Mani.

Finally, the meeting of the Taygetos with the sea has resulted in the existence of unique beaches. There are different beaches, with sand or with pebbles, some highly-organized and others quieter, some accessible only by sea, some with sea caves and all with crystal clear waters. In Kardamili, there are several places to see, such as the old factory at the pier, the islet of Meropi, the ruins of the Homeric citadel, and the beautiful villa of renowned author Patrick Leigh Fermor, with its impressive architecture and its wonderful Mediterranean garden in Kalamitsi Bay, where one can also go swimming. Excursions to the surrounding villages, with their old churches and monasteries and traditional stone tower-houses are also highly recommended.